Tableau Workbook Analyzer: A Flexdashboard & Shiny Application

Building an app to dissect .twb files: extracting formulas from calculated fields, downloading them, and capturing formatting details like fonts and hex color codes.

Paula Muñoz


September 23, 2023

This blog was last updated on 2023-09-23 to reflect the latest features added to the Tableau Workbook Analyzer App!

If you are a Tableau user or developer you may have found yourself in a situation where you need or would like to extract all formulas at once from all calculated fields to later find out there is no simple way to achieve this task. 😟

I have been in this situation several times, and after giving it some thought, I decided to build my own App and leverage the capabilities of Flexdashboard + Shiny in R.

This is the first app I have ever built, and I know it is not perfect, but I learned a lot and had so much fun along the way, but most importantly I know it would be very useful and hope you would think the same.

Without further ado let me introduce the:

Tableau Workbook Analyzer App

How does the App work?

  1. Upload a .twb file

  2. Wait for results to display (Some files may take longer to return results depending on how big the file is and how many attributes are getting analyzed).

A .twb file contains the Tableau workbook metadata in the form of structured XML tree, to develop this app I had to write some code to extract the relevant elements from the XML tree.

As mentioned before, the .twb only contains metadata information about the tableau workbook and it does NOT contain any actual data that was used in the workbook itself.

Example of metadata inculded in .twb / XML file

If you are wondering how I parsed and extracted the data, it was all done using the R library: xml2

The main steps in the process were:

  1. Identify the parent nodes

  2. Identify the attributes to extract

  3. Save the results into data frames

  4. Do some data wrangling / cleaning steps (impute NAs and keep unique values) to be able to make sense of data.

What Analysis / information is being returned by the App?

Initially I was mainly interested in retrieving calculated field formulas, but during the development process I got curious what other pieces of information could be retrieved that would help answer questions such as what fields are used or not used?, what are the Calculated Field dependencies and more.

Also during the initial stages of the development process, I reached out to some close friends and members of the Tableau Community asking for feedback and they came back with some awesome ideas such as retrieving Color Palette information. Thank you datafam friends and #VizOfficeHours!

The app is organized into three primary tabs/sections:

I used the same legend throughout the App to represent objects that are used vs not used in dashboards.

Similarly, I used below colors to distinguish between Raw Variables, Calculated Fields and Parameters:

Below is at a high level the information found under each section. Click on each tab to learn more:

This section contains a summary of the workbook including:

  • Tableau Workbook Name

  • Total number of fields used vs not used

  • Data Sources, Worksheets and dashboards: Get a bird’s eye view of the name of the data sources, worksheets and dashboards powering your visuals.

  • Field Insights: Dive into fields used, unused, their frequencies, and dependencies. Understand the role of dimensions, measures, raw variables, calculated fields, and parameters.

  • Unused Fields: Because sometimes, we all have leftovers.

    Workbook Summary - Bottom Section

  • Used Fields list: List detailing field names, frequencies, and field type.

  • Unused Fields list: List of unused fields with their field type.

  • Calculated Field Dependencies Network: Discover which fields contribute to each Calculated Field in a visual way <-- New Featured added on 2023-09-23

  • Calculated Field Dependencies list: Discover which fields contribute to each Calculated Field.

I would think this section contains the most interesting information… It has all the details about the columns / fields.

First of all, the side panel has various filters:

  • Used in dashboards? - Toggle this filter to update results based on used/ not used fields

  • Field Type - Select between ‘Calculated Field’, ‘Parameter’ and ‘Raw Variable’, default is set to display all type of fields

  • Fields Filter - Select specific fields to review

  • Custom information to be added/ removed to/ from field Details table - This filter only applies to Fields Details table

As far as the Details table:

  • Fields Detail table - Contains all relevant information about columns/ fields.

    • Select information to be added/ remove to table using filter menu on sidebar

    • Table is editable (double click on a value and edit)

    • Search values across tables (This would work like a filter)

    • Copy table to clipboard or export table to CSV or EXCEL

Sample of exported table:

Last but not least, the formatting tab displays some formatting attributes found in the workbook and they are sorted by most to least used.

  • Font Names

  • Font Sizes

  • Font Colors

  • Mark Colors

  • Consolidated list of to 20 hex colors used - Similar to other tables in the App, this table can be edited, searched on and copied/ exported, but most importantly you could also download the list of hex codes in the format required to update the preferences.tps file and create your own custom palette.

    Exporting Hex codes in the format needed in the preferences.tps file:

Where is the App hosted?

The App is hosted at is a platform for hosting Shiny web applications. To learn more about Click here!

App can be tested here!

About Security and Storage

A .twb file only contains metadata about the Tableau workbook and it does not contain the actual data used in the workbook itself.

The .twb file uploaded to the App is encrypted using SSL/TLS

The App is not writing the data to a persistent data store, which means the data uploaded to the app is lost once the application goes into iddle state, or the session has ended. To facilitate this I have added buttons across the different tabs to clear the session and close the window.

Having that said, if you are concerned about security, avoid uploading any .twb file that may contain any confidential / sensitive information.


The app is hosted under Free tier service, and availability of the App is dependent on how many active hours the app has been running in a given month.

While I’ve taken every effort to ensure the reliability of this app, I cannot guarantee its performance or outcomes under all circumstances. Please use the app with discretion and understand that I cannot be held liable for any issues or damages that may arise from its use. Kindly use it at your own risk. Thank you for your understanding.

Feature Updates implemented on 2023-09-23

  • Network Diagram to display field dependencies

  • Increased the file size limit to allow analyzing bigger .twb files

  • Fixed bug where no tables were showing if data source was connecting to a database

  • Added a “Send me a message” form to allow users to provide feedback or report issues from the app itself.

Ready to test App, click here!

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments!


Paula M